E-Pro interviewed me last week about the big Lotus Notes anniversary.  Others were interviewed as well:

[Burton Group analyst Peter] O'Kelly attributes the staying power to Notes's unique place in the market, having been the first real platform for building collaborative applications. "Here we are after 15 years and it still feels good to see people using Notes," O'Kelly said. "When I walk down the aisle of a plane, for example, I still peek at what people are using and it's usually 50-50 between Notes and Outlook."

Ian Campbell, president and CEO of the technology analysis firm Nucleus Research, expressed some surprise that Notes has held on for fifteen years, but also attributes it to the product's inherent value. "It's reached a steady status and there are lots of companies that have gotten a lot of value out of it," Campbell said. "It's a testament to the underlying design. It has a robust architecture for those who know how to take advantage of it."
Link: e-Pro: Despite false death-knells, Notes reaches 15th birthday >

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