Have you checked back in on the discussion on Mark Cuban's blog?  I've been impressed with the passion displayed in so many of the comments.  The Notes community appears in fascinating places....as do Notes supporters.

It got me talking to a colleague about "celebrities" associated with Notes, past or present.  Putting aside ex-Iris/Lotus/IBM employees, I wonder what other famous names have current or past associations with Lotus Notes.  We can all name a few --

  • Howard Stern, who has been a Notes user for many years, and occasionally mentions the product on-air
  • Frances Ford Coppola, a special guest at Lotusphere
  • High-profile brands running public websites on Domino; companies like Porsche, Air France, and of course Domino's Pizza.
C'mon, I know y'all get a little tingle when you see a .NSF in the URL of a website.... but whose Domino websites (or Notes applications) have done the same?

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