The roadmap for Exchange hits another pothole...

Microsoft's ever-changing messaging and collaboration roadmap is about to get another makeover, as the anticipated Exchange Edge Services platform, originally due out in 2005, is pushed to 2006 and given a bigger mission. ....
Microsoft will now make the SMTP relay software a part of the larger Exchange product and its gateway role will include more than just spam-fighting features. Microsoft plans to detail its future designs for Exchange in January, company officials have previously said.
The very same reporter wrote in August that "a top Microsoft Exchange executive said the company in late October will reveal more explicit information for the messaging platform's next generation data store", and that didn't happen.  This could put a new spin on the usual competitive "January surprise".
For those not following along, Michael Sampson anticipated news of this sort last week, when he posited, "Perhaps Microsoft doesn't need a roadmap for Exchange".
Link: SearchExchange: Microsoft to delay SMTP relay software >

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