Microsoft is now showing symptoms of Big Company Disease. In the case of Microsoft, the disease manifests itself differently from IBM because Microsoft, unlike IBM, is still headed up by the company founders. Men like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have the power to force the company to do the right thing. They can correct catastrophic errors. But they only act after a lot of damage has been done.
In Microsoft's case, Big Company Disease comes and goes -- like a person with an episodic chronic illness who sometimes appears robust and healthy. Microsoft now appears in tiptop health because it is between flareups of its Big Company Disease -- but it faces new challenges, and Big Company Disease, unless eradicated, could cause Microsoft to make catastrophic responses to those challenges.
No doubt, some of these are not exclusive to Microsoft, so I know better than to live in a glass house (pun intended!).  Still, it's a fascinating insight into the Microsoft culture as it shifts and weaves into a bigger organization, with big company issues.  A good read.  
Link: Internet Week: Microsoft Has A Bad Case Of The Big Company Disease >

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