Wow, you would think that Scrooge himself just started blogging in the Lotus community....
First, over at Notestips, Mike Golding is exploring the heavily skewed results of his last poll.  The closed-ended question asked about whether the lack of clarity around Lotus's future strategy has been damaging.  I'm not sure how many responses there were to this poll, but to me, the question was worded in a way that voting "no" would be kind of silly.  Any vendor that updates their strategy inevitably upsets someone -- think Porsche with their Boxster and now Cayenne, Dell moving into services, etc.  The real question would be, what kind of damage?  Oh how I wish I could comment publicly on Lotus's financials -- there was one small blurb in the 03Q3 earnings around revenue growth -- to try to correlate, for example, if the progressive telling of Lotus's Workplace story had any impact there.  A lot of Lotus BPs I know have been pretty busy, and I've seen a lot of new ND6 deployments in progress.  When I spoke to user groups on the west coast last week, I noticed a heck of a lot of hands for "who is running Domino 6" or "who is running Notes 6" questions.
Second, the Turtle has gone on a rant about how nobody is excited about Lotusphere 2004.  Little bit of a catch-22 -- in previous years, the Turtle's unofficial website has been one of the generators of said pre-Lotusphere excitement, yet he's been AWOL on the 2004 effort.  Heck, the front page of the site (where the countdown timer is) still says "2003"!  Let's be clear -- registration is tracking well, the session content is out there, and described by Jonvon (in the comments to this posting) as "the most generous helping of tech sessions yet", the product showcase is almost sold out, etc.  OK, no, the location for the Wednesday night thing hasn't been announced yet (hint: it's a park; second hint: several readers have noticed that none of the Disney parks have adjusted their hours).  And yes, the Lotus Awards winners have already been announced.  And no, there are no sessions in the Yacht & Beach (Birds of a Feather sessions and other stuff will be there though), though there are overall more breakout sessions than LS03.  So it's different.  The show evolves.  A lot of familiar faces will still be there, along with some new ones -- and so that social interaction element that makes it Lotusphere will surely still be there.  Let me just say this -- I'm excited about Lotusphere.
There's some other griping and grunting this morning, too -- a loss report in the Lotus Partner Forum; my belated acknowledgement of griping about a new sponsored-by-a-single-vendor TCO report; and I'm sure I'm overlooking something.  Yet even SearchDomino's weekly newsletter today talks about how "IBM has come through with its promises this year, with new products delivered on time and in good working order."  
Call me Don Quixote, but I'm going into this week with a positive attitude that things are on the right path.  On the march towards Lotusphere, I have a lot to look forward to.  And many of you do, too.

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