Office of IBM Chairman Louis V. Gerstner, executive complaint tracking #ZB4580, February, 2002:

I think in order for IBM to save its credibility with the Notes development  community, another quick blinding U-Turn might be in order. Along with the head of the marketing person who took this extremely-ill advised decision.
Comment posted today on the discussion that won't end, December, 2003:
Its been a long hard road - with some spectacular dead -ends. Garnet for instance, was a glorious piece of technology. However, in retrospect, it was a dead end. Had it worked, we'd now be stuck with Tomcat v3 embedded in our v6.5 servers, and bemoaning Lotus Developments' efforts to get us up to date. Domino is a *huge* product, and sticking Tomcat on the side would have made it unmanageable. I applaud the strength of Lotus's product management in having the balls to pull what would have been a terrible decision had it gone forward. And god, did we bitch and moan about *that*.
Now that is one of the best (professional) holiday presents I could ask for!

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