Thankfully, technology now offers an arsenal of weapons to battle this burgeoning evil. GHY created its own solution, using various pieces of open- source software on IBM servers in conjunction with a Linux operating system. Vendors such as Microsoft and IBM are currently offering a variety of tools and developing others for handling spam in enterprise messaging and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. These solutions all attempt to stop suspect messages before they get to employees' in-boxes. They combine two basic approaches: One involves identifying spam by the content of the messages; the other tries to recognize unwanted mail by its source and how it's transmitted.....
Alan Lepofsky, senior marketing manager for IBM Lotus Workplace Products, says the latest anti-spam software has a sophisticated array of options that will help businesses anticipate and respond to numerous different scenarios. He advises companies to implement filtering technology gradually and carefully, taking advantage of features such as the ability to set messages aside, then inform end-users of the sender and subject line so they can retrieve the e-mail if they think it's genuine.
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