147% vs. 29%

March 1 2010

A few people have pinged me today about Microsoft's new competitive website, which can be reached via the classy-looking "Why Microsoft" blog written by andrewk (doesn't that anonymity make you feel better about doing business with Microsoft already?).  On the new site, Microsoft has done a clever job of their usual innuendos and half-truths (labeling everything Lotus as either legacy or acquired -- great throwaway line but how does that connect to reality?).  In one place, though, they've backed their claims up, with a Forrester "Total Economic Impact" study.  The assertion is:

Read a white paper in which Forrester covers four customers who migrated from competitive email and collaboration platforms to the Microsoft platform with a overall ROI of 29%
Hmm, that's sort of impressive, except when you go to ibm.com and find this contrast:
Forrester Consulting calculated a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 147% for the composite organization with a payback period within 12 months of deployment.
So let's see, migrate to the competition and get an ROI of 29% in 14 months.  Stay with what you've got and get an ROI of 147% in 12 months.  Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but I do know which one I'd choose...

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