On Tuesday this week, I am visiting a customer in Baltimore, and then headed onward to New York City for an evening with Binary Tree.  Looking at flight and train schedules, it became obvious that ~2 hours on Amtrak was a better use of time than going out to BWI before a flight, flying to LGA, and then taxing back into Manhattan.  I've never been aboard the Acela Express, America's only high-speed train, so that travel experience will be a nice bonus.

I'm in the process of booking the ticket now.  There was a "sticker shock" moment when Amtrak's site first offered my train options.  The Acela Express from Baltimore to New York, covering a distance of about 180 miles, is US$150 one-way.  No wonder Amtrak is perenially in financial straits -- that seems like an absurd amount of money for a train ticket.  Even the local train, which takes another  20 minutes, is an unbelievable $72.  And explain that uplift for Acela -- $80 for a bigger seat and a power port?  Yikes.

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