18,378 new customers

February 16 2010

In the process of reviewing content for the now-in-progress Lotusphere Comes to You events, I came across the graphic used by Bob Picciano in his Lotusphere keynote highlighting new Notes/Domino customers:

new IBM Lotus Notes customers since ND8 release

This was only on screen for a few moments, so the full impact might not have been clear.  Each country is highlighted with an appropriately-sized dot breaking that 18,378 total of new customers down.  The graphic pretty much shoots down a competitor's boastful claim a year ago of there being "Notes-free countries", though if they want to take credit for Mongolia as some way of demonstrating their momentum, more power to them.

There have been many questions asked about this "number of new customers" statistic, so it's probably worth going into a bit more detail.  The number represents the number of discrete entities in IBM's Passport Advantage buying their first Notes or Domino license since the release of Notes/Domino 8 in August, 2007.  To be fair, there is some number of customers who stopped using Notes/Domino in the same time period, but those are all still "customers" since they bought Notes in the past.  IBM has no real way to adjust for those.  It's not the point, anyway...the point of showing this number and graphic is to demonstrate the continued progress of brand new adoptions of Notes/Domino, versus competitor claims of a declining installed base.

During 2009, we (and some of you partners) created 134 new Notes/Domino references in our internal database; 41 of our references became public case studies available on ibm.com (that search is Notes...use other searches for Domino, iNotes, etc.).  We're always looking for more, so if you have some good stories, please let me know and I'll connect you into that process.  I'm not sure we have the capacity to create 18,000 such stories, but that would not be a bad problem to have.

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