University of Nebraska seniors Nate Lowry and Matt Rosno were interviewed post-Lotusphere by, as part of the site's "2 minutes with..." series.  Really cool to hear these guys still pumped about their participation at Lotusphere, including their co-win at Lotusphere Idol! 2009:

Nate and Matt are students at the University of Nebraska -- Lincoln's Raikes School of Computer Science and Management and two of the winners of this year's "Lotusphere Idol!" Listen in to discover what Nate and Matt's winning presentation was about, how it went, how they got started working with Lotus products, and how they found themselves at Lotusphere. Hear about what work they do at the university with Lotus technology and why they love developing with Lotus.
Check them out along with the other podcasts...

Link: "2" minutes with Nate and Matt from the University of Nebraska >

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