200 submissions

September 28 2007

I am positively stunned.  

For just the "Planning and managing your collaboration infrastructure" track that I manage for Lotusphere, 200 session proposals were submitted for Lotusphere 2008.  I can only choose 50.

Don't ask me about your submission :-)  but this should give you an idea of the magnitude of the track manager's job to make LS08 even better than the previous one.

I can tell you one thing for sure -- there aren't many obvious rejects, either.  It's always easy to start by filtering "understanding Notes R4 .ini variables" or sessions like that.  But there just aren't that many of those upfront this time.

The other track managers are facing similar challenges.  I think it's pretty obvious -- it's going to be quite an achievement and honor to make the cut for the Lotusphere '08 agenda.

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