Holy cow what a day!

We drove down to Shen Zhen this morning with Hans, one of the local IBM Lotus IT specialists. The drive was noteworthy for two main reasons -
1) Neither the driver, nor Hans, knew how to get where we were going.
2) This is the first time I have been in a road delay due to pigs running loose in the road.

We drove in circles three times today. I suppose there might not be a Mapquest-like service, but sheesh -- what ever happened to know where you are going before you leave? My colleague Jack was even more annoyed than I was, especially whenever the driver would just stop on exit ramps to read the signs. This is apparently custom or at least anticipated, as nobody smashed into us going 100 kph. Jack, however, assumed it was going to happen any moment, and was freaking out (sorry, Jack, if you read this, but you really were).

As for the pigs, a truck carrying live pigs was in a crash, must have rolled and let many of the pigs out. As pigs would do, they started running everywhere, which shut down traffic until the pig farmers could get the pigs under control. Some were 2 km down the road by the time they were herded together! A few didn't look like they were going to survive the crash. Well, I would say they should have been wearing their seatbelts, but let's just say that the pig carrier didn't have much in the way of safety equipment.

After our customer meeting, wouldn't you think that the driver would ask, "where is the ferry terminal for HK?" No, that would be much too easy. Driving around in circles, driving into construction zones, backing up on the roadway -- all of these made much more sense.

The ferry ride itself was fine, and a much more enjoyable way to enter HK than on the train. We avoided the train altogether today, which was just fine by me.

So now I'm sitting in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Hong Kong. Thank you, IBM, for getting a rate at this hotel. And a wise choice for me, too -- I am a Hyatt Platinum, and as such, they upgraded me to a harbor view on the 23rd floor. My view out the window is of the Star Ferry terminal on Kowloon side. This is one of those times I should have brought my webcam with me -- with high speed internet in the room, I could have added the cam to this site for a few days maybe. Wow. I normally make fun of my mom, 'cause she always takes a picture of every hotel room she stays in ...but this one's worth a few snaps here.

Dinner with a BP tonight, some calls back with the US, and then the weekend. Oh do I need to relax.

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