In yesterday's thread about the history of the BBS, a bunch of people have posted their fond memories of the US Robotics Courier HST modem. I tried some quick web searches to no avail....could it be that nobody has a picture online of those original goodies, you know, the ones with the round LEDs?

This is all I could find, short of going up to the attic and digging my own out for a photo.courierhst.jpg

The BACS BBS had two of these bad boys back in 1989. I think USR sent me one as an upgrade for free when I contacted them about a problem. Those were the days.

I joined US Robotics in February, 1992, in the IT department, to run the cc:Mail environment. I started working with Lotus on both the customer side as well as to get modems to Lotus for testing....what was that guy's name, the guy who was Mr. Modem at cc:Mail....Keith Donahue? Never returned any of the modems I sent him :) Tons of memories from the USR era, I could (and I suppose eventually will) blog on those for weeks.

The thing I'm having a laugh about today is that the current Courier modem, which USR still sells, is the "V.everything" model. I was never in marketing at USR, but shortly before they launched the first "V.Everything," I can remember talking to Lauri Lentz in our PR department about the launch. At the time, 1994, they were going to have this modem support every protocol known to modem-kind, going back to HST but also V.32, v.32bis, the proprietary v.32terbo, etc. I thought it was very cool and referred to it in the conversation as "v.everything". Lauri got this really serious look on her face and said "where did you come up with that name?" Well, I had made it up on the spot, but those smart folks in USR's product management team must have come up with it themselves, 'cause Lauri made it clear that was going to be the product name. Gee, and I didn't even need any of the mind-altering substances the USR product management team seemed fond of at the time :D

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