OK, I'm starting with the easiest goal for 2007 -- getting my input stream right.  I've been struggling with this for a while, as the pool of bloggers gets bigger and bigger -- who should I read?

Yes, I have a blogroll on this site and I strive to keep it relatively current.  But the reality is that there's a circumstance of seniority playing out there (and on many other bloggers' blogrolls) -- if you were here when I started, you're more likely to be on the list.  But maybe someone started blogging three months ago, and is worth checking out.  Or maybe a site has gone downhill, or silent, or irrelevant.  Or maybe the mere publication of a "blogroll" is inhibiting the startup of new voices.

So I'm struggling.  I can't spend hours a day reading blogs, much as I'd like to.  I'm not finding much value to technorati or google blog searches, though I still watch those for Notes-related posts.  I haven't found a good industry aggregation site -- Collaboration Loop comes pretty close, but the curse of RSS is that it is flat, and all of the numerous new articles carry the same weight.  There's no 18 point headline for important articles and 10 point headline for the reconstituted press releases.  I don't have time to distinguish these and sort the useful from the useless.  And there's plenty of useless.

One good bit of news -- it feels to me like the "echo chamber" phenomena is finally gone.  In the early days of "Lotus bloggers", there was a lot of "me, too" going on -- someone would blog a topic and six other people would link to it with their own 2¢ but that 2¢ didn't deviate much from the original opinion.  Now when we get into blogosphere debates, they tend to be genuine debates, and not just "look at me look at me" links.  But it also means I'm more inclined to read an offshoot conversation.

I also am spending a fair amount of time keeping an eye on blogs from my colleagues at IBM.  So far, through whatever Borg-like state, we have been remarkably good about maintaining individual voices.  There is no conga line going on of blog topics from IBMers, and I'm pretty good about watching for shill requests when I'm asked to consider a topic for blogication.  But that also means that some really great discussions that are relevant to my day job take place on other IBMer blogs, and it's even gotten to the point occasionally where someone (usually Mary Beth or Alan) have blogged something that then comes up in a meeting and I'm expected to already know about it.  I hear the same takes place with reference to discussions on this site.

All that having been said, it's time to take a step back and consider which sites are "must read" from both a Notes/Domino and an industry perspective.  This will also feed into the goal I've alluded to already -- how to bring more voices into the conversation.  So, I'm looking for recommendations.  Posts that are essentially "pick me! pick me!" will be ignored Image:2007 goals part 1: Reading right, but other inputs most appreciated.

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