More good news

February 10 2003

I'll go back to ranting about something related to technology soon, I promise :)

In the meantime, the good news has been rolling in rapidly over the last few weeks. This one was completely unexpected, at least the magnitude.

Have a big family history of heart disease. My cholesterol has always been above the normal/acceptable range, well, except for a few weeks when I was on a tofu-only diet (that was bad :q). Started seeing a new doctor last fall, who, when he heard the family history, agreed that my other doctors had been too conservative, and it is time to do something.

So, here we have the results of the first 90 day test of a 10 mg dosage of Lipitor:


Yowsa. For the last several years, I've been a big believer in the "live life for today" philosophy, if only because I figured my family history meant I would never be featured on the Today Show/Willard Scott 100+ year birthday announcements. Some numbers changing doesn't mean a change in that attitude.... but it does mean I should probably increase my contribution to my 401(k) :)

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