I love when the stars align.

The 2010 Lotus Awards nominations are now open.  In case you are unfamiliar with the Lotus Awards, these are the premier recognition of technology and solutions built atop IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal software.  The awards are announced in December and/or at Lotusphere 2010.  

In preparing for this year's Lotus Awards, the Lotus marketing organization decided to get creative.  There are four new award categories this year, including:

  • Best end-user solution
  • Best IBM Lotus marketing
  • Best open source contribution by an individual
  • Best open source contribution by a Business Partner

There are a total of 16 award categories for 2010.  Several of these awards have stretched the boundaries of the Lotus Awards, including the two open source contribution awards.  These are brand new, evidence of IBM's commitment to OpenNTF.org.  I don't think the awards form says this, but as a special bonus, the winner of the individual contribution award will receive a Lotusphere 2010 pass.  And oh, the OpenNTF.org awards are not open to members of the OpenNTF steering committee -- the whole point here is to bring additional contributors into OpenNTF.org.  We have more plans around these awards, but I wanted to get them some immediate visibility now that the awards are open.

The other two new categories resonate for me as well.  The end-user category is critical recognition of the importance of adoption, usability, and productivity in building Lotus solutions.  The new marketing category recognizes the true spirit of the word "partner" -- that successful business partners recognize the shared burden of marketing our combined value between IBM Lotus and the partner's solutions.

This may be the best year of Lotus Awards ever.  Nominations for most categories are open now through November 16, 2009; the best in showcase, CTO award, and VAD award will open up later.  Take some time and check out the Lotus Awards now... and good luck!

Link: ibm.com: 2010 Lotus Awards >

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