January 26 2003

As the first semi-official night of Lotusphere, last night started the traditional conflicting-bookings right away. I had dinner with Volker Weber, and then ran over to the Penumbra organization's dinner. Rob Novak of SNAPPS, one of Penumbra's Directors, told me that I had to attend their dinner, which I have done for the last few years.

Well, now I know why it was a mandatory show. Can't find the press release online yet, but I was honored and humbled to receive an award from the Penumbra team. What a nice role reversal...but it was also nice that Andrew Pollack of Northern Collaborative Technologies , a Penumbra member, won a Lotusphere Beacon Award (link to press release coming tomorrow). Great to see small firms with such big success.

I managed to turn in the last presentation just before midnight last night and get some sleep.

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