37 and 12 and 2

August 6 2006

If the rumors are true, it's no secret among you readers that today (the 6th) is my birthday.  I'm sure by the end of the next 24 hours, I'll have trackbacks/links here, though at this moment I have no idea what this year's theme is (anything would be better than the year y'all made me a power ranger, right?).  I'll likely need a sense of humor...

I can already express some incredibly heartfelt thanks to a group of you.  I had dinner with Kathleen McGivney the other night -- and yes, I really did eat these sawagani as an appetizer (I am pretty sure I was set up, but it wasn't by Kathleen).  Anyway, during dinner, Kathleen presented me with a wonderful group gift -- a Nikon D50 set.  Wow wow wow!  I have so many great friends among the people I work with, but this is a new level in generosity.  So a sincere thank you to Kathleen, Susan Bulloch, Paul Mooney, Kitty and Warren Elsmore, John Head and Sarah, colleague Dave Carno, and last but not least Bill Buchan.

There are two other anniversary-like dates that I haven't even had a chance to write about in the last two weeks.  I'm proud of the two of them together -- twelve years at IBM/Lotus, and two years as the worldwide Notes sales leader.  When I took the Notes BUE job two years ago, I said:

I accepted this new role because I believe in the Notes/Domino product line, and because I believe in the future of Notes and Domino.
We had not yet shipped Notes/Domino 7, not yet announced "Hannover".  But the internal wheels were already in motion, and the bet on the future of Notes has been a good one.  In the seven fiscal quarters that I've been in this job, IBM has posted revenue growth for Notes/Domino in all of them, had thousands of competitive wins/winbacks, shipped a fantastic ND7 release, announced a nearly-in-beta "Hannover", and generally gained (or some would say regained) momentum in the market.  I certainly don't claim much of the credit, as there are thousands of IBMers who have made this happen -- starting with Ambuj Goyal and the vision he set out.

Twelve years with Lotus.  When I joined, I thought it was going to be two years and done.  Now it's two years of a role that has been an incredible ride.  So today's a day to celebrate a lot of things.  And to say thank you, to so many of you, for all you've done for me.

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