In sessions like those here at DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum, I've been asking audiences for the last few weeks about the version of Notes/Domino they've deployed.  The consistent answer -- 6.5 is far and away the most common release we have in market.

Interestingly, 6.0.x has mostly disappeared from the landscape.  R5 shops are still out there, but that number is consistently less than 20%.  As you can see on slide 4 (page 2) of my Notes/Domino strategy presentation, support call trends also validate these numbers.  Starting in January, incidents on 6.5 became the majority.

Image:6.5 is far and away the prevailing Notes/Domino release deployed

This data makes 6.5 the most successful upgrade in the Notes/Domino modern lifecycle (since 4.0 shipped).

When I talk to some of the customers indicating that they are still on R5, the vast majority say that they are planning to deploy "7", that they just sat 6.x out for a variety of reasons.  The good news there, too, is that the value of the upgrades is self-evident, or proven (in the case of 6.x).

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