8.0.1 update

February 12 2008

As I posted an evasive hint yesterday about when Notes/Domino 8.0.1 will be available, it struck me that it is a little odd to have to play the "ship date game" in public.  

Whether customer or partner, for sure if you were sitting in a meeting with me, or having a one-on-one conversation, I would simply say "we're shooting for eGA around the middle of next week".  I might even give you the specific target date.  Part of that is the trust aspect of a direct conversation -- I know who I told and when I told them, so therefore, I can always go back to those I talked to and update them if something changes.  I can also explicitly ask someone not to share such information broadly, lest it set the wrong expectations for anyone not told directly.  The same process certainly happens with my counterparts in product management, marketing, release management, and development -- everyone who knows the target date has certainly communicated it to someone else, somewhere along the way.

As prevalent and useful as blogging has become, there are still some topics I hesitate to address proactively.  If a blogger gave a specific date for 8.0.1 in advance of any public announcement from IBM, it could be construed as the announcement, and potentially mis-set expectations.  It can create dissatisfaction, where eager customers start looking for a download at 12:01 AM in their local timezone, when we're really hoping to post mid-afternoon in our own.  And the last thing any of us would want to see is months of hard work undone by negative buzz related to a date slip of a day or two (which certainly has happened before).

Thus, unless the world continues to evolve, we'll have to stay a little bit vague until the official IBM announcement is unveiled.  But if you contact me privately, you might get a better answer :-)

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