80% market share :-)

December 11 2006

Not bad when four out of five laptops I can see on this flight are using Lotus Notes :-D  

What I find almost more interesting is the assortment of non-laptop electronic gizmos in use... tons of iPods, PSPcs, portable DVD players.  There are actually people watching the in-flight movie (Davinci Code, saw it already) and/or reading.  Some snoozers.  And the woman across the aisle is flossing her teeth.  Seriously.

50 minutes to go.  Wish I had gotten that laptop battery to 100% before leaving O'Hare.

Oh one other thing I realized during this flight -- today is my four-year "blogoversary".  Last couple of years, I've waited to write a year in review until the last week of the year, and I plan on that for this year as well.  Thanks for reading.

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