March 6 2008

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is perceived to be lucky.  The 2008 Beijing Olympics are beginning on 8/8/08, for example.  So it was an equally auspicious sequence today that many lucky and amazing things have happened:

  • At the very last minute, American Airlines kindly upgraded me to first class on my flight to San Francisco.
  • When I arrived in San Francisco, I had a voicemail from an elected official regarding a topic of recent discussion.  Not this elected official's office, but the elected official themselves.  I can't say more about this yet but I do want to express that , even as an IBM sales executive, such a phone call is hardly routine, definitely fascinating and truly appreciated.
  • The BART train driver must have seen me approaching the train, because the doors closed just as I got to them.  This being the ultra-friendly US west coast, though, the doors re-opened just for me, ten seconds later.  Thank you, train driver.
  • The Palace Hotel, where Thursday's Lotusphere Comes to You is being held, is an amazing, classic American hotel.  I am only here tonight, as the hotel is sold out completely tomorrow night.  At check-in, just at 3 PM, my room was not quite ready.  The desk clerk asked me to wait a few minutes, then handed me a key to room 888.  The Presidential Suite.
With any luck, we should have a great event on Thursday, with more than 100 people expected.  Looking forward to the many conversations.

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