911 at 211

February 25 2005

How I spent my vacation day in Bavaria...

Task one -- besting my previous Autobahn top speed.  As one might guess, the choice of vehicle had something to do with how easy this was.

Task two -- a fantastic visit to Schloß Linderhof, where we had treats indoors and out -- a visit to a fantastic palace, followed by a half-hour of beautiful alpine sunlight.

Task three -- lunch and a really nice Weißbier Dunkel at Kloster-Andrechs.  (Danke for the correction, vowe)

Extra credit -- having Dad and some great friends along for the journey.  vowe and Ute in one Porsche Boxster; Dad and Wolfgang Meixner from edcom.de in another Porsche Boxster; and Markus and me in the 911 Carrera (automatic, of course).  Thanks again (so far!) to Otto, Wolfgang, Anneliese, and everyone else associated with edcom's Lotusphere Nachlese (link to photo album) for a great event and incredibly wonderful hospitality for me and my father today.

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