Zwei Ohrhörer

February 24 2005

Between sessions here at Lotusphere Nachlese in Munich, I'm comparing earbuds -- vowe's Jabra versus my Motorola.  The Jabra (right ear) appears to be the winner for style,comfort, and weight, but it would require carrying yet another charger around, so we'll stick with HelloMoto (left ear).

Image:Zwei Ohrhörer

I've delivered one of two sessions here so far, the "Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus?" session.  We had a couple of cross-cultural laughs, but more important was the data -- all but one customer in the room has upgraded to Notes/Domino 6, about 60% have customized the mail template, about 3/4ths are working with the Notes/Domino 7 beta, and we had Linux, iSeries, and zSeries Domino servers represented in the room.  Like Dortmund, though, very few Smart Upgrade users -- one more here than there (1 > 0).  Definitely something for me to look into more, so thanks for those who commented about this earlier in the week.

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