At last week's Irish Lotus Users Group meeting, Bruce Elgort announced his retirement from  Bruce and Nathan Freeman created an open-source movement around Lotus Notes and Domino applications several years ago.  Many others have been involved since, and OpenNTF has come to represent both the spirit of the Notes community as well as a great place to go for amazing Notes applications and ideas.  OpenNTF is a critical component of the success of Notes and Domino today, and Bruce's seemingly tireless efforts to promote and develop OpenNTF are a key reason for this success.

Today on his blog, Bruce has gone into more detail on his decision:

So to make a long story short let's just that say that OpenNTF is all grown up now and that this ombudsman is ready to take on new challenges within the Notes and Domino world. The Taking Notes podcast that I publish with Julian Robichaux continues to rapidly grow and mature. There are many other areas within the community where I feel I can contribute. Let me say it here and say it loud - I have no intentions of leaving the Notes and Domino Community. I continue to remain passionate about the Lotus product line and see it's future continue to grow and remaining strong.
Thank you, Bruce, on behalf of all of us at IBM.  From the BoFs and sessions and pedestals at Lotusphere, to mentions in websites and blogs, to individual IBMer contributions to OpenNTF projects, most of that has come about because of your direct effort.

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  1. 1  Benoit Dubuc |

    If there is such a thing as a hall of fame for Notes advocates, Bruce deserves it. He "organized" that community, or regrouped I should say, and since then, nothing is the same: the whole Notes community has gotten a whole lot closer and more passionate.

    I sure hope IBM will not pass the opportunity to thank Bruce in a proper way.

  1. 2  Stuart McIntyre |

    I've already said my piece on Bruce's blog. Suffice to say that "the community" is an amazing thing becasue of people like Bruce, Vince, Nathan, Paul Mooney, Bill, Eileen, the Elsmores, Duffbert, Volker and so many many others. Bruce's timing couldn't really have been better, in that ILUG and OpenNTF both show how far we (in the widest possible sense) have all come...

  1. 3  Patrick Kwinten |

    It seems that the Lotus Notes class of '97 was not so bad at all!

    @Vince: all the luck & I hope you (finally) manage to get that navigation menu proper working (it gives me already for x years a javascript error message)

  1. 4  Bruce Elgort |


    The OpenNTF site menu is the work of Mr. Vince himself :-) Good luck getting Vince to fix it - or maybe you could volunteer to help fix it yourself.

  1. 5  John Head |

    Comment Test - please ignore

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