A Bold upgrade

January 29 2010

Extremely grateful to my friends at RIM for upgrading me to the new Blackberry Bold 9700.  I was one of the first Bold 9000 users, and I abused the heck out of that thing.  It was finally a Blackberry that became a Crackberry for me...the whole reason I never wanted a Blackberry in the first place.  This is, oddly, sort of a good thing.  At least professionally it was.

Anyway, my Bold 9000 was a trusted companion for the last 15 months, but it started "white screening" frequently and having the occasional spontaneous reboot.  Also the trackball was getting tired of me cleaning it.  So, while we were at Lotusphere, RIM provided me with a new Bold 9700.

Image:A Bold upgrade

The verdict?  I'm still a very happy Blackberry user.  It's a fractional bit smaller, which is nice.  The new touchpad that replaced the trackball is a godsend.  It is easier to use and hopefully won't get all lint-y.  The 9700 also is WAY faster on the 3G network at web page rendering and download, and the keyboard is easier to work with.  My main complaint is the new mute/standby "button" -- it's not an actual button but more like a slight toggle rocker, and when a call comes in while in standby mode, the phone seems to be stuck in standby mode.  A little weird.

I'm also not digging the fact that they changed to a different micro USB connector, rendering my home and car chargers obsolete, but such is the price of technical progress.

People keep asking me why I haven't gone iPhone.  Simply put, I'm afraid of more addiction there.  My wife has the "words with friends" Scrabble-like game on her iPhone, and plenty of other distractions.  I think I'd never put the thing away.  As addicted as I am to the 'berry, I can tell that would only be worse.  However, if my friends in Cupertino would like me to be continue to be a mostly-Apple-household, that iPad can head my way....at least with Lotus Notes Traveler available now on iPhone, Nokia, and WinMo, and soon on Android, I have options.  I like options.

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