While I was out for a few days last week, a couple of key mainstream industry analyst reports were published.  Both are worth checking out if you are subscribers to these firms:

Gartner published an interesting report on Friday called "Domino 8 Moves Development to the Mainstream".  Gartner hasn't written about the Domino application development componentry for some time, so it's good to see this analysis surface.  It is also timely with the upcoming 8.5.1 release being primarily focused on core improvements in XPages and Domino Designer.  Sample quote: "XPages brings tremendous new power to development that combines the speed and simplicity of the Notes unstructured data approach
with the ability to work on data from multiple sources in a single component. "

Meanwhile, Forrester Research analyst Rob Koplowitz published a Forrester Wave on Collaboration Platforms.  Lead quote: "Forrester's 66-criteria evaluation of collaboration platform vendors, we found that Microsoft and IBM Lotus led the pack based on the breadth of functionality in their offerings. "  Specific highlights include IBM's high score in the "current offering" category and tied score with Microsoft in the area of "market presence".  Also interesting to note which competitors (especially certain emergent ones) are nowhere to be found in terms of Forrester's leadership rankings.

So in case you or your management are wondering based on competitors citing out-of-context messages from analysts, here are two key reports to help validate where the Lotus brand stands in the collaboration market today.  At the moment I don't have redistribution rights for either of these, but will be pursuing.

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