We're less than a week away from Lotusphere 2010.  The conference agenda is filled with tons of great choices for sessions to attend, and I've enjoyed reading the postings so far from those who are planning their week.

Politically, I should probably recommend every session -- from my team, my development counterparts, marketing, ISSL, etc.  Obviously I can't do that :-)  So here are some highlights from the schedule and why I think they are worthwhile.  I've also included my sessions, since as I increasingly spend most of my Lotusphere daytime hours "behind the scenes" in customer, partner, analyst, and press meetings, these are the best shots to find me for your Lotusphere Spotto card.


Sunday's session choices are simply based on your background and intent -- partners have great choices at business development day, admins and developers have "boot camp" and jumpstarts.  No specific recommendations from me (nor any speaking slots).  As usual, I'll see you at Kimono's Sunday night after the welcome reception :-)

  • 1 PM: KEY104: Notes and Domino Strategy.  Kevin Cavanaugh and I will be presenting the Notes/Domino strategy mini-keynote, with a demo appearance by Mary Beth Raven and others.  If you are looking in Lotusphere Online, this session is hard to find (it's the second-to-last listed in the timeslot, rather than the keynote).  We will review 2009, discuss "messaging economics", delivery methods (on-premises, cloud, appliance, mobile), surrounding services, and look at a vision for the future.  This session won't be repeated (one difference resulting from its promotion to a mini-keynote) so you won't want to miss.
  • If for some reason you do want to miss that session, though, up against us is an important stand-alone discussion of "messaging economics" in session ID208.  I am hopeful ID208 will get repeated later in the week.
  • At 2:15 you have another tough choice -- the "What's new in Notes 8.5.1" session (ID106), and "Lotus in a Mobile World" (ID610).  Both should be good stuff.
  • At 8:30, there's a good keynote on leveraging delivery models -- on-premises, cloud, and appliance.  Sean Poulley and his team are leading that one and it will discuss trends and realities in this space.
  • Tuesday at 10 AM, you'll find ID614 -- "Introducing LotusLive Labs".  Find out about some of our new and emerging technologies here.
  • Of course, that's up against our application development strategy keynote, from Alistair Rennie and crew.  Another tough choice.
  • At 3 PM Tuesday, I hope to see you all at Lotusphere Idol! auditions!  We always have fun at that one.
  • The Tuesday 4:45 PM slot has Eric Mack's best practices session on "Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes", as well as ID615 the John Paganetti/Jon Champlin perennial favorite on upgrading to the latest Notes/Domino release.
  • Wednesday's 8:30 AM slot has two important sessions: the Apple-focused ID104, "Mac to the Future", and ID103 on new concepts in attention management and aggregation in Lotus Notes. (Hint: This is one of the primary futures-oriented sessions on the agenda)
  • At 1:30 PM on Wednesday, learn about IBM's leadership in cloud-based email at ID601, "Expanding your email options with LotusLive" and then get more details on LotusLive Notes at ID604 at 3 PM.
  • And at 4:15 PM, you'll find me along with Scott Souder at INV107, "An oral history of Lotus Notes: The first 20 years".  I'm really looking forward to this one.
  • Thursday I'll be at all the usual suspects, including "ask the developers" and the closing session.

Any which way, I am looking forward to getting back together with so many of you -- and meeting others for the first time -- in just a few days!  Be sure to say hi, I really *do* want to meet you!

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