I am sitting in the concluding session of the DanNotes conference in Kørsor, Denmark. About a hundred delegates have been here for a couple of days with an agenda featuring Mikkel Heisterberg, Mat Newman, Paul Mooney, Abigail Roberts, Frank van der Linden, and several other domestic and international speakers.

This morning, I presented an updated messaging and collaboration roadmap. I realize I need to post these slides, now that we are out of stealth mode on IBM Notes/Domino Social Edition. One topic I cover is IBM Connections Mail, and the demonstration today was perfect.

Connections Mail delivers a social mail experience by providing lightweight mail capabilities in context. Caveat: Normally I don't demo on my production mailbox, but the test server where Connections Mail is configured for me is wired to my live mail. Thus when I highlighted my new mail, one of the messages proved out the contextual nature. It was a note from my colleague Hans Peter Dalen, who was apologizing that he was unable to attend the event here today. In less than five seconds, without losing the context of my presentation and the work I was doing, I was able to learn of an adjustment to my plans for the day. I never missed a beat, and Hans' mail was not intrusive into the flow of my activity.

This is exactly what Connections Mail is about. Thanks, HP, for making a great demo use case!

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