From the Factotum weblog, "Migrating to Comm Suite: Gives Us Your Poor Notes, Your Tired Domino Users...":

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Global System Services Corporation (GSS) today announced the GSS Migration Toolkit for Sun Java Communications Suite to move customers from IBM Lotus Notes and Domino to the Sun Java Communications Suite.  ...

Sun Java Communications Suite is two orders of magnitude more scalable than other products and is the first major messaging and collaboration platform to include a Web 2.0 client. Communications Suite and Java Enterprise system are the premier Web 2.0 and J2EE application development platform.
Impressive but ridiculous claims...especially for a product that has been nearly invisible in the market and without significant update in years.

In related news:
Sun Microsystems reported Friday that revenue dropped slightly and profit plunged 73 percent in the Santa Clara server and software company's fourth quarter.

Sun executives also predicted a loss in the next quarter and little sales growth in the coming year...
Even from my obviously-biased perspective, the idea that any Notes customer would find the idea of spending money on a migration tool to move to Sun's e-mail product in 2008 is, well, definitely on the fringes of market possibility.

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