A few days ago, Erik Brooks wrote a blog entry entitled, "8.5.1 FAIL. Your code may just break."  Unsurprisingly, that blog post got a fair bit of attention, from many of you as customers/partners as well as within IBM.  I received a number of emails and pings from people who were worried about the issue, even though some said they couldn't reproduce it.

At any rate, a few of you opened PMRs and SPRs, and I quickly escalated them from my side as well.  I didn't "turf mark" the conversation on Erik's blog, but our best people were in there already and I knew the issue was getting needed focus.

This morning, Chad Scott from our support organization posted an update in comments on Erik's site...if you aren't monitoring his comments, you might not have seen it.  So, here it is as well:

IBM understands the implications of this issue and has put a concerted effort into identifying a resolution. The development team has investigated the GetDocumentByKey and GetAllDocumentsByKey issue that was first introduced by the fix delivered for SPR AJMO7LHMK9. A plan has been defined that will change the way we fixed the issue in SPR AJMO7LHMK9 to avoid the problem. This will allow code to execute without error or going into an infinite loop. The fix will not require a developer to edit their LotusScript or Java code nor will it require the use of a Notes.ini parameter. Customers seeking the fix to this issue should refer to SPR CSCT836HFL (see my post above for key SPRs). We plan to have this fix delivered by March 12th. 

Note: The current issue does not affect XPage server-side JavaScript.
There are some good reasons why the feature was coded in 8.5.1 the way it was, but in the real world, things sometimes play out differently.  That's why we have a support organization, and some really great people in the labs.  They've worked hard for the last few days to find the right solution here.  But I want to thank all of you for helping the process along with your reports, ideas, and tests.  Fix is coming soon.

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