About three days behind

December 7 2005

Scanning my mail (both @work and @edbrill.com), it appears I've got a lot of catching up to do on the eight hour flight back to the US this afternoon.  If you're waiting on an e-mail from me, my apologies and I should be back to you by end of the week.

Thanks again to the WIS/View staff for hospitality and excellence at Admin2005 Europe.  A few hundred excellent customers from all over Europoe were at the conference.   I met people from the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, and even Israel.  Good things are happening -- some have already started/completed their ND7 deployments, with more planning to start in the new year.  My live demonstration of Notes autosave worked (but I am not going to make a habit of crashing my machine just for demo purposes).  And it was great to catch up with friends and colleagues.

From today, back home for several weeks...just a hop across the pond away.

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