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I explained to them the recently announced changes with Lotus Notes licensing, in particular that come Feb next year their Lotus Notes Collaboration licenses will convert to Domino Enterprise CALs and that as part of this they get an entitlement for Domino Designer with each license. There instant reaction to this was to ask "So does that mean every one of our users can have Designer?" which off course the answer is yes. They were wrapped with this and said that while they certainly wouldn't give it to every user that it is great that they can enable more people to build apps and don't have to be restricted by their 4 Designer licenses.

This has to be on of the exact outcome IBM is hoping to achieve, encourage organisation to do more with Notes and Domino.
Yes, yes it is.

There is one interesting side observation to Adam's posting (read the comments), and it has come up a few times.  I am honestly hesitant to write about this but here goes.  It seems that in more than one organization, users who were using Domino Designer had separate licenses for Designer -- on top of licenses for (typically) Notes for Collaboration.  It seems it may not have been clear that the old Domino Designer license was a superset, inclusive of the right to use all of the Notes for Collaboration license capabilities.  So, some individual users have essentially been double-licensed.  I have had enough calls and questions about this to see that it was really the case in more than one organization.  At any rate, the good news of the new licensing approach is that it makes it clear that in a normal deployment, only one Enterprise CAL license is needed, both to use Domino and to build apps for Domino.

Link: Adam Brown: Real world outcome of Domino Designer becoming Free >

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