There are a number of Admin2008 / Developer2008 wrap-up blog postings showing up -- Kevin Kanarski, Kevin Pettit, Jess Stratton, and many others.  It was great to be a part of the event, if just for one day.

Still, the real measure of success for a conference is what the attendees felt about it.  Today, Allison Martin (conference producer) wrote with these statistics:

The conference went very well.  The Developer event finished with an approval rating of 98.5% (up from 97% last year) and the Admin event ended with a 99.3% approval rating.  So all in all it was a very successful event!
Congratulations to Allison and the whole team at Wellesley Information Services (I know I will forget some names if I try to name them all).  Those ratings are a testimonial to your efforts, to the presenters, and to the community.  Thanks again for letting me be part of it!

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