Product manager David Marshak discusses the extensibility model for IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5...

In addition to the existing SameTime client toolkits (C++, Java), IBM is adding another Java toolkit that allows developers to take their Eclipse plug-ins and access the other services that exist within SameTime, such as location-based awareness. The toolkit is in its third beta. More than 100 developers are participating in the managed beta program. Another toolkit is ST Links, which allows developers to link "presence" on any page to other apps such as ERP or CRM.

A sample plug-in that ships with SameTime 7.5 is the ability to find a restaurant based on the user's location. Within IBM, a SameTime plug-in allows users to go to any IBM building in the world, and with a single click, find all the nearby printers. This app already existed, but it required users to go through about nine clicks, and know their exact location, explains Marshak.
Link: ADTMag: Plugging-in to IBM's revamped IM client >

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