I met with an former colleague today, whose new employer is using Outlook/Exchange.  In talking about differences between the two environments, I learned about another one of those feature differences between the two products that I never knew before.  In Outlook, setting an away/out-of-the-office notification is immediate.  When you set it on, it's on immediately, until you turn it off.

Notes is smarter than that.  You can actually anticipate when you'll be out of the office, and set the out-of-the-office notification up in advance.  For example, choosing Wednesday to Friday as days away, and clicking "Enable", produced this dialog box for me:
Image:Advance (out-of-the-office) notice

I had no idea!  First, I didn't even know this was how Notes worked (I know, shame on me).  Second, I didn't know the difference in the Exchange/Outlook world.

I learned one other feature difference today, too.  In Notes, when drag a mail message to the calendar, the mail message stays in place.  A new calendar entry is created, but you still have your mail.  In Outlook, when you drag a mail message to the calendar, the message is gone from the inbox -- it now only exists in the calendar!  That makes it hard to find the information if you need to follow-up on it as well.

I am asked from time to time for a whole list of such differentiators.  Generally, I push back on creating one, because I don't believe that one individual feature is going to be the key to choosing or keeping Notes.  Still, when we find stark differences like these, it's worth highlighting.  Anyone have any others?  My other favorite is the ability to "delegate" an individual calendar invitation to another person.

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