When I got home last night, I read a lot of blog entries about the Microsoft/Groove deal.  Probably fifty or more.  A fair number of them talked extensively about what the acquisition might mean for Microsoft's competitive footing, whether it's about the technology or about Ray, what the status of Groove as a company and in the marketplace is (or was), and some that offered hope that the recent round of merger/acquisition activitiy in IT would lead to innovation, not just consolidation.

Three specific thoughts worth mentioning:
1) The RedHerring "The Now" blog posits:

Microsoft must be feeling at least a little desperate to shore up the web services strategy it launched with .Net.
There are other good insights in their entry as well.  However, I am more than a little disappointed at the twin torpedos they sent IBM's way, first by describing Notes as "a services and consulting business" and second by making those words a link to the IBM Lotus rebuttal of Radicati Group's June, 2004, "market analysis".  Of all the places that could be linked on ibm.com, it's an incredibly strange choice.

2) Ross Mayfield wonders why I marked yesterday's post "not-for-quote-by-press".  Simple reason: The posting isn't my complete perspective on the announcement.  I wrote my initial thoughts right after the press conference, but before reading any of the press coverage. As is natural with any event or news announcement, the human brain iterates, one collaborates with colleagues, and the picture changes or sharpens as the day goes by.  In a press interview, I'd offer a broader view of the deal, and, more importantly, put it in the context of what we at IBM/Lotus have to offer the market.  

3) As powerful as weblogs have become in shaping discussion, especially in the IT industry, I find it intriguing the Groove and Microsoft bloggers have blogged little or nothing about the deal.  I realize it is still a proposed acquisition and won't close until next quarter, but there was a full FAQ on the deal circulated to industry analysts before 9 AM EST, there was a lot covered in the press releases and press conference, and there are plenty of things that can be talked about without running afoul of merger/acquisition issues (especially when it is a privately-held company).  I know a lot of people, myself included, visited Ray's old weblog to see if anything had transpired.  The official Groove blog says nothing.  On the MS side, even Scoble only says, "gee, Microsoft made news today."

Update 1: Several Microsoft employees blogged about the acquisition on Friday, including Scoble, Tony Cocks, Barry Briggs, and others like Korby Parnell.  So, #3 is partially addressed.

Update 2: Salon's Scott Rosenberg has taken me to task on point #2 above.  See my followup posting.

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