Alan Lepofsky and I were seen together many times during the Tuesday event in New York. Still, because Alan was working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to build presentations and content for the event, he has a much closer-to-the-pin perspective on the event than I. See Alan's summary at
Link: Alan Lepofsky: Summary of Lotus Collaboration Summit

Oh, one other thing from the event -- I saw it live and in person, a Notes 8 build on a Macbook...

Lotus Notes 8.x build on a Macbook
The plan is for the Notes 8 on Macintosh code to go into an external pre-beta during Q4, a full beta around the time that 8.0.1 ships in first quarter 2008, and to ship with the next major feature release later in 2008. It's taking longer than we had hoped due to dependencies on Leopard and Eclipse 3.4, but from what I saw on Tuesday, this is going to be the best Notes on Macintosh yet.

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