Alan writes about all the tangible examples of IBM's commitment to Lotus Notes and Domino that exist today:

The CIO at one of his customers was looking for proof that IBM is committed to Lotus Notes.  At first I had the typical "Here we go again" reaction.  But instead of getting emotional, I decided to simply make a list!

While writing this, I could not stop thinking that there has probably never been a time when Lotus was actually more dedicated to Notes!  New clients, new features, new integration, new partner alliances, new applications, it is really quite amazing!
Alan then goes on to list a number of examples of products, alliances, campaigns, and other tangible evidence of IBM's strong commitment to Notes today.  

This is a great way to respond to the FUD that seems to be out there, again, that Notes is going away.  I've had a bunch of inquiries of late from our field saying that their customer heard Notes is going to be discontinued.  Geez, that's never been said ever in 18+ years by anyone at IBM, so how does anyone credibly even consider such a thought?  How does a competitor spreading FUD feel they will have any credibility in asserting something like this?

In addition to Alan's examples, the most tangible and numeric ones are the number of developers working on Notes/Domino today, the budget we are investing in R&D, and the strength of efforts like the multi-million dollar marketing budget for end-user awareness, important work with companies like SAP and Apple, and customer adoption.  And we are hitting all of those points, or exceeding them.

Link: Alan Lepofsky: The cure for fear of commitment >

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