I knew Alexander was up to something when I saw him sitting quietly in the foyer after my session...

So Hannover is Lotus Notes - and a lot more. It will grow from a plattform for collaborative applications to an open plattform for composite applications. For the first time in 16 years Lotus Notes will do more than just talk to Domino. IBM has the vision to make the Eclipse based Hannover aka Lotus Notes the preferred SOA client.

Of course Lotus Notes will be backwards compatibel. "If Notes applications don´t run in Hannover, it´s a bug", Mike Rhodin said.
His next sentence indicates Notes "Hannover" "will be shipped in Q1 2007".  Actually, the answer Kevin Cavanaugh gave in our session yesterday is first half 2007.  

Alexander also quotes one of my points on e-mail vs. activities:
expect Activity Explorer to save my life. I gave up cleaning up my inbox. "Gone are the days when people got excited when they heared that familiar sound 'You Got Mail!'", Ed Brill said. He was so right.
I'll have a further writeup about the Notes/Domino strategy shortly...I want to post a PDF or other download of the presentation first.

Link: kluge.de: IBM announces iTunes Client for Lotus Domino >

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