Alexander discovers a feature that, without benefit of caffeine, I'm not sure whether it ships in Sametime 7.5, Sametime 7.5.1, or Notes 8+Sametime 7.5.1...but any which way, a new Sametime feature:

Today I found a feature in Lotus Sametime 7.5 I was not aware of. If you reply in a chat window after your buddy went offline, you will get this dialog box:

Image:Alexander Kluge: Synchronous and asynchronous chat
Pretty cool.  Now I realize that some would prefer Sametime to store offline chats for later delivery, but I like giving the sender the option to go asynchronous more.  It's good recognition of how e-mail and Sametime can work together.

Link: Alexander Kluge: Synchronous and asynchronous chat >

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