Channel9 is featuring its first-ever interview with an Exchange guy.  Some great quotes in there:

  • "Almost everybody uses Exchange, they just don't know it"
  • "So far we've given developers 42 different APIs...developers have found that confusing"
  • "My e-mail server might be down....yup, it's down"
Yet at the end they come back and say that Exchange is stable.  heh.

Seems like a lot of the "innovation" in Exchange 12 is catch-up work -- full-text search, incremental backup, typeahead addressing in OWA.  All this requiring a hardware upgrade, dropping or stabilizing all existing APIs, and dropping active/active clustering.  At least a year away.

As for "almost everybody uses Exchange", the speaker quotes Gartner as saying that Exchange runs more than half of all business e-mail mailboxes.  I haven't ever seen a report like that.

(Thanks, Bruce)

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