August 28 2007

Mikkel Heisterberg and Chris Byrne report that "Notes 8 lust" is entering the market....

Lekkimworld: Already...

...after about one week of it being Gold we are already having customers ask us about upgrading to Notes/Domino 8. For now it is mainly the client upgrade which is the driving force behind customers asking. This is *much* faster than with R6 and R7 which I take as good news... ;-)
Business Controls Caddy: I Wish I Had Lotus Notes Again:
Sitting in my coffee shop "office" this morning I was engaged in a brief discussion with a gentleman. He saw Domino Designer open on my laptop and said "I wish I had Lotus Notes again." Stunned at this statement because I had never mentioned the product to him, I showed him the new Lotus Notes 8 client and the productivity tools. He loved it.
On the other hand, there is a lot of discussion about the performance of the Notes 8 client.  Some here, some in the developerWorks forums, some on other blogs.  Unfortunately, all I can say is that it is consistently inconsistent.  We have postings in the forums that say " most of my users have 1 GB and are running the Notes Client with no problems. I really think it is ready for production...." while others say that screen paints and load times are slow.

Nathan Freeman (one of the Notes/Domino 8 design partners) posted a video showing performance of a few different areas on his machine, and then followed up with another blog post about it.  I'm reading (as, I suspect, are other parts of the Lotus organization).  While I have seen the initial load time for the calendar be slower than I'd like, I'm certainly not seeing wholesale issues like some of those being described.  So, we need to figure out what's really up.

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