Tonight the Swedish hotel room service chef has brought me some grilled venison, not really all that bad but certainly nowhere near as interesting as the touching offer from a customer to have pumpkin soup tonight with his family.  I have an early flight back to the US tomorrow morning, and as is, it took almost three hours to get back to Arlanda from today's meeting.  Yesterday's travel logistics were exhausting (I started to write a blog entry about the nightmares of international business travel, but it was unbelievable how much went on in 24 hours), so I just need a good night's sleep tonight.  After all, this morning's wakeup at the Park Inn Högbo Brukshotell was two guys with shovels digging out a path so I could leave my room!

My meeting in Sweden today was with a large group from one organization, providing an overview of the Notes roadmap and a demonstration of "Hannover" as well as Sametime 7.5.  The session was great, the questions were good and in some cases, quite thought-provoking.  I wish I had had more time to talk informally.

One thing I thought was interesting is that two people from this customer both independently commented to me that they felt like they knew me from reading my blog, even though we had not met.  I believe the most interesting weblogs are those that do inject some element of personality, but there's also a balance.  It is definitely true that readers know a lot about me -- Bill Buchan sends me a link anytime he reads something interesting about sushi, my coworkers share travel tips and suggestions, and I know I can bogart my own blog anytime I write about new toys like my Nikon D50.   Still, after my broken engagement earlier this year, I stopped writing about a lot of aspects of my personal life -- but, somewhat oddly, have found myself opening up on others.

I'd like to keep up efforts to try to find the right balance.  I count many blog readers amongst my friends all over the world, and the human element is definitely part of the deal.

Tomorrow I'll post some thoughts about yesterday's e-Office event in the Netherlands, along with a link to my presentations.  I also still need to write something about "resilient threads" in Notes "Hannover".  Long flight ahead...

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