I was interviewed a few weeks ago for this article about blogging, published in the American Marketing Association's newsletter.  The author is also the writer who wrote this article in the Chicago Sun-Times.  The article covers some of the benefits of business blogging, and some advice for novice bloggers and marketeers thinking about blogging.

Of course, blogs are a whole lot more than online conversation sites. They're one of the newest marketing tools of the new millennium. The best communication is word-of-mouth. If you can get customers and prospects talking about your product or service in an organic online conversation, that's great marketing. It's a low-cost dialogue that can give you global access to your customers.

E-mail is a potent online marketing tool. Internet banner ads are here to stay. Google revolutionized the world with search advertising. Web sites like Burger King's subservientchicken.com build buzz. But blogs are red-hot.
Good to see a balanced, and not over-hyped, blogging article in a business publication.

Link: American Marketing Association: Get Connected: Leverage Blogs as a Biz Tool >

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