Image:Among the things that distracted me this weekend...

Somehow got on Lexus's mailing list in the last few months, and was invited to participate at the Taste of Lexus that took place this weekend.  As a marketing guy, I was pretty impressed with the event's approach -- a no-pressure, high-class way to experience the entire Lexus line of cars (and even some of their competitors).  I didn't expect it to be as big as it was -- hundreds of people just in the short time I was there -- or as high-class (golf lessons, spa massages, etc.).

The car above is the about to ship new Lexus IS350.  Pre-production IS cars were on the test drive circuit yesterday, and I have to say I was unexpectedly impressed.  I came out to drive the GS, actually, but decided to check out the IS on a whim.  Wow is this a fun car.  Sleek interior (a friend described this as "cockpit-style"), tight European-style handling, great acceleration.  It's just too bad that, like so many other cars in this class, the back-seat is not real useful, especially for getting a 3-year-old in and out of a carseat.  Whaaa.

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