Surprised -- in a good way -- to see Australian business partner Satsuma issue this press release:

Lotus Notes 8.5 offers significant cost-savings to organisations primarily through data compression, attachment storage and configuration optimisation. These cost-savings have been well-documented in the media and Satsuma clients have especially appreciated these cost savings in the tougher economy of recent months. ...

"The tide has turned," explains Matthew Cunneen, Managing Director of Satsuma. "No longer are our client organisations defecting from Lotus Notes, in fact, quite the opposite. Lotus Notes 8.5 is bringing organisations back, and it is easy to see why. The email interface has all and more of the features of Outlook. Lotus Quickr Collaboration tools help you share content, collaborate and work faster online with your teams, and the office productivity suite -- Lotus Symphony, has caused serious upset as a newcomer in the marketplace," says Cunneen.

If you are due for a Lotus Notes license renewal but hadn't realised, or if you've been waiting for "better times" to renew and/or upgrade to Lotus Notes 8.5, then wait no longer.

The release goes on to feature the 25% off pricing promotion for Notes/iNotes that continues through August 5, 2009, though it incorrectly states that it applies to renewals (the discount is off new licenses or off reinstatement of lapsed subscription).

I like the proactive, provocative stance taken here.  This kind of approach to amplifying volume in the channel certainly helps the market overall.

And for whichever reader is going to comment first that despite the press release's words, Google announced a competitive migration away from Notes today, yes, I know.  I don't tend to comment on specific customer situations publicly.

Link: iTWire: Satsuma Takes Notes on Cost-Savings >

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