I do have some cool blogs about Lotus stuff coming up, but I have to put the coda on some of the competitive discussions this week.

A few weeks, ago, Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner said:

We're going to have countries this year -- I'm going to give an award next week to some countries that have completely eradicated, with partners, Lotus Notes from that country. I feel good about that.
Only thing is, it's a lie.  I'm not even sure how Microsoft would know who all the Notes users are in any particular country in the world.  For example, I talked with a Notes client this week where they have Notes users in 183 countries.  Also, just for fun, we also took a look in our support system, and it confirmed that every single country where IBM operates has recent technical support calls on Lotus Notes/Domino.

It was a really good crowd-pleasing line to work up the Microsoft faithful partners.  It got applause, according to the transcript.  But as with so many other things, Microsoft just doesn't care if it is true.

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