Analysis of a dinner

January 24 2006

Last night's primary activity, other than the JAMFest, was the annual press and analyst dinner.  It was a good evening for both informal conversations and some networking.  It was good to see so many analysts are here -- I spoke with Gartner, Ferris, and Burton, but missed some of the others around (if the Redmonk chaps are here, I hope you'll be at the blogging panel today or one of my sessions tomorrow?).  I know for sure that one particular analyst firm seems to have skipped Lotusphere again this year....

One of the highlights of the evening was hearing the feedback about the Sametime 7.5 announcements.  There's a big difference between the press/analyst reaction and customer reaction.  Customers are jazzed about the new UI, screen capture and send capability, voice over IP.  Press and analysts are buzzing about the AOL/Yahoo/Google deals.  Haven't quite figured out the difference... I have to say I expected the interoperability deals to be a bigger buzz myself.

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